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Please note: ** indicates Out of Print Books

Andrews, Jan--Very Last First Time--FIAR-Vol. 1

Barbour, Karen--Little Nino’s Pizzeria--FIAR-Vol. 3
Bemelmans, Ludwig--Madeline--FIAR-Vol. 1
Bulla, Robert--Daniel’s Duck--FIAR-Vol. 3
Burningham, John--Mr. Gumpy’s Motor Car--FIAR-Vol. 2
Burton, Virginia Lee-Katy and the Big Snow--FIAR-Vol. 1
Burton, Virginia Lee--Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel--FIAR-Vol. 1

Chbosky, Stacy--Who Owns the Sun?--FIAR-Vol.1
Cooney, Barbara--Miss Rumphius--FIAR-Vol. 2
**Credle, Ellis--Down, Down The Mountain--FIAR- Vol. 2
**Credle, Ellis--Andy and the Circus--FIAR-Vol. 3

Daugherty, James--Andy and the Lion--FIAR-Vol. 3
**DeBrunhoff--Babar, To Duet or Not to Duet--FIAR-Vol. 2
DePaolo, Tomie--The Clown of God--FIAR-Vol. 1
Devlin, Wende and Harry--Cranberry Thanksgiving--FIAR-Vol. 1

Flack, Marjorie--The Story About Ping--FIAR-Vol. 1
Frost, Robert--Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening--FIAR-Vol. 1

Hines, Grossnickle--Gramma’s Walk--FIAR-Vol. 2

Johnson, Crockett--Harold and the Purple Crayon--FIARVol.2
Johnston, Tony--Amber on the Mountain--FIAR-Vol. 3

**Kahl, Virginia--The Duchess Bakes a Cake--FIAR-Vol. 3
**Kinsey-Warnock, Natalie--The Wild Horses of Sweetbriar--FIAR-Vol. 3

Lawson, Alice and Robert--The Were Strong and Good--FIAR-Vol.2
Leaf, Munroe--Ferdinand--FIAR-Vol. 2
**Leaf, Munroe--Wee Gillis--FIAR-Vol. 2
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth--Paul Revere’s Ride--FIAR-Vol. 3

MacLachlan, Patricia--Three Names--FIAR-Volume 2
**Martin, Jacqueline Briggs--The Finest Horse in Town-FIAR-Volume 3
**Matsuno, Masako--A Pair of Red Clogs--FIAR-Volume 1
Mazer, Anne--The Salamander Room--FIAR-Volume 3
McCloskey, Robert--Lentil--FIAR-Volume 1
McCloskey, Robert--Make Way for Ducklings--FIAR-Volume 2
McCully, Emily Arnold--Mirette on the High Wire--FIAR-Volume 2
Mills, Lauren--The Rag Coat--FIAR-Volume 1
**Milton, Nancy--The Giraffe That Walked to Paris--FIAR-Volume 2

Polacco, Patricia--Mrs. Katz and Tush--FIAR-Volume 2
Polacco, Patricia--The Bee Tree--FIAR-Volume 3
Potter, Beatrix--The Tale of Peter Rabbit--FIAR-Volume 2
Priceman, Marjorie--How to Make an Apple Pie and See The World--FIAR-Volume 1
Provensen, Alice and Martin--The Glorious Flight--FIAR-Volume 1

Rattigan, Jama Kim--Truman’s Aunt Farm--FIAR-Volume 3
Rylant, Cynthia--When I Was Young and in the Mountains--FIAR-Volume 2

Sanders, Scott Russell--Warm as Wool-FIAR-Volume 3
Say, Allen--Grandfather’s Journey--FIAR-Volume 1
**Scheffrin-Falk, Gladys--Another Celebrated Dancing Bear--FIAR-Volume 1
Shannon, George--Climbing Kansas Mountains--FIAR-Volume 3
**Shasha, Mark--Night of the Moonjellies--FIAR-Volume 1
Stoltz, Mary--Storm in the Night--FIAR-Volume 1
Swift, Hildegarde--The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge-FIAR-Volume 2

Talley, Carol--Papa Piccolo--FIAR-Volume 1
**Taylor, Mark--Henry the Castaway--FIAR-Volume 3

Winter, Jeanette--Follow the Drinking Gourd--FIAR-Volume 2

Yolen, Jane--All Those Secrets of the World--FIAR-Volume 2
Yolen, Jane--Owl Moon--FIAR-Volume 2

Ziefert, Harriet--A New Coat for Anna--FIAR-Volume 2

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