Our Daily School Schedule for 4th Grade and 8th Grade

This year for 8th grade Kaylina has been using the curriculum we received from Curriculum Services

Marissa and Miranda are using a curriculum that I put together from a variety of sources. They are doing the following subjects this year:

Math: Saxon 5/4
Science: Scott Foresman
Social Studies: Hawaiians of Old
English: Grammar: Easy Grammar; Spelling: MCP Spelling; Reading: Reasoning and Reading; Handwriting: Handwriting without Tears
Foreign Language: Chinese
Music: Piano Lessons
Art: Atelier
Bible: Reading Daily Text; Reading Bible daily; Scripture Memorization, Bible Book Memorization; Studying the Great Teacher book; Meeting Preparation.

This year, since the girls are older, they can do alot of their work now independently. I will usually do Science, Social Studies, Art and Bible with them. This is usually spread out throughout the week.


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